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Section 139 Qualified Disaster Relief Payments Excludable From Gross Income

Posted by Lori Shepard on Thu, Dec 03, 2020 @ 07:00 AM

Can-We-File-The-Michigan-Annual-Report-Or-Statement-OnlineSection 139 of the Internal Revenue Code excludes from a taxpayer’s gross income certain payment to individuals to reimburse or pay for expenses related to a “qualified disaster”.  Covid-19 is a federally declared disaster.

Payments from an employer to the employee would be considered tax-free to the employee (not reported on the employee’s W-2) and fully deductible on the employer’s tax return. Below is a list of some expenses that could be reimbursed, but isn’t all inclusive:

• Medical expenses not covered by insurance
• Health related expenses such as hand sanitizers and disinfectant
• Additional dependent care expenses (tutoring is included)
• Work from home expenses (costs incurred to set up a home office, including computer, printer, extra phone lines, internet installation, increased utility costs, etc. It also looks like the safe harbor calculation for the home office deduction may be used.)
• Transportation expenses due to closure of public transportation
• Caregiver and domestic service expenses
• Funeral expenses
• Legal and accounting expenses

A written policy is not required, but is suggested to outline specifics such as the type of expenses covered or not covered, the procedure for requesting payments, a limit on the amount of payments, etc.

Employers should view this situation as an opportunity to provide tax deductible, tax-free assistance as an additional benefit to their employees. Taking advantage of the qualified disaster relief payments is a way for employers to encourage employees to return to work despite new challenges and expenses and a way to build goodwill and help employees during this challenging time.

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By:  Lori Shepard

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