Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services

Are you planning for your retirement?

Are you prepared for the transition of your wealth?

At BHT&D CPAs we can assist you in designing and implementing a retirement plan designed to accumulate the necessary assets to achieve your retirement goals. We have many years of experience in helping clients evaluate, choose and implement a plan for themselves or their company that will achieve their goals for retirement. When necessary, we work closely with select attorneys and third party plan administrators to provide you with the right plan for meeting your needs.

Any long-term plan for a family that has accumulated wealth is a comprehensive estate plan. For over 40 years we have helped our clients craft plans designed to meet the needs of current and succeeding generations of your family. We work closely with your estate attorney, or if you don’t have one we can assist in helping you choose one from those that we work with on a recurring basis. Once a team is assembled we will work together to identify and assign values to the assets in your estate. A plan will then be drafted which will allow for the most cost effective and tax neutral method of transitioning your assets to the next or future generations.

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