sawmill accountants

Is minimizing taxes important to you? At BHT&D CPAs we have extensive knowledge and experience with the sawmill industry.

We have a team of professionals who provide tax and consulting services to several successful clients in the sawmill industry who are interested in helping you to achieve the same level of success.

Here are a few points for you to consider as you evaluate your sawmill operations. If you have any of these situations, we encourage you to contact our office to review these items:
  1. Out-of-state sales: apportionment availability
    • Michigan Business Tax
    • Michigan Corporate Income Tax
    • Michigan Individual Income Tax
  2. Personal property taxes
    • Qualification for Michigan Business Tax credit
    • Correct classification of equipment
    • Proper valuation of used equipment
    • Correct millage rates being applied for industrial property
    • Abatements
  3. Sales and Use taxes
    • Exemption for industrial property
    • Exemption for utility consumption
    • Exemption certificates
  4. Form 1099-S compliance
  5. Domestic Production Activities Deduction (9%)
  6. Fuel tax credit for off-road usage
  7. Affordable Care Act
    • Large employer testing
    • Health insurance compliance
    • Planning for avoidance of penalty beginning in 2014
    • Notification requirements
  8. Qualified Dividend consideration – 15% tax bracket
  9. Consideration of establishment of a “DISC” for international sales
  10. Small employer health insurance credit

If you would like to speak with us about your business, contact us today.