Trucking and Transportation

trucking and transportation accountants

At BHT&D CPAs, our staff has advised owner operators, over-the-road commercial drivers, and trucking companies with their tax and accounting needs for over thirty years. Whether you have one truck or hundreds of trucks, we can help you maximize your tax opportunities while helping to minimize liability exposure.

Relevant questions that you should know the answer to:
  • When should I purchase my trucks/trailers?
  • Is there a depreciation difference between new and used trucks/trailers?
  • Am I better off maximizing my depreciation in the year of purchase or letting regular depreciation rates apply?
  • Should I sell my equipment or trade it in on my new purchase?
  • Am I eligible for the standard IRS per diem rate for meals or do I need to keep track of my actual expenses?
  • What type of entity should I be?

We typically address the answers to these questions before you even ask. Our belief is that you should never have to worry about your accounting and tax needs. You should concentrate on managing your trucking business while knowing that these needs are being handled competently.

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