Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll tax compliance is one of the most significant issues facing small employers today. Penalties and interest related to the late payment of payroll taxes can add up quickly. BHT&D CPAs provides payroll services designed to keep you compliant with all federal, state and local payroll tax filing and payment requirements.

Our payroll process is designed around the needs of each of our clients. We provide a range of services that include filing the monthly, quarterly and annual payroll reports required by the various taxing authorities for those employers who prepare their own periodic payroll to completing the entire payroll process for those employers who do not have staff available to handle this process.

Our payroll services include the following:

Each pay period we process:

  • Payroll checks
  • Detailed check stubs for employees with current and year-to-date earnings and deductions
  • Employer reports customized to meet your needs

Each tax deposit period we deposit or provide instructions for:

  • Federal withholding, FICA and FUTA
  • State withholding
  • State unemployment insurance
  • Local withholding

Each quarter we prepare the following:

  • 941 Employers Quarterly Return
  • State Unemployment Insurance Return
  • State Quarterly Wage Detail Report
  • Federal Unemployment Deposit
  • Local quarterly tax returns

At the end of the year we prepare the following:

  • Form W-3
  • Form W-2 for employer and employee
  • Form 940 – Federal Unemployment Return
  • State Annual Withholding Return
  • Local Annual Withholding Return

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