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Property Tax Exemption Available For Michigan Disabled Veterans

Posted by Lori Shepard on Mon, Apr 03, 2017 @ 07:00 AM
property tax exemption for disabled veteransReal property used and owned as a homestead by a Disabled Veteran who was discharged from the armed forces of the United States under honorable conditions, or by the unmarried surviving spouse of a disabled veteran, is exempt from the collection of property taxes.  

For this exemption, a Disabled Veteran means a person who is a resident of this state and who meets 1 of the following criteria:
  • Has been determined by the United States 
    department of veterans’ affairs to be permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service and entitled to veterans’ benefits at the 100% rate.
  • Has a certificate from the United States veterans’ administration, or its successors, certifying that he or she is receiving or has received pecuniary assistance due to disability for specially adapted housing.
  • Has been rated by the United States department of veterans’ affairs as individually unemployable.

To get this exemption, Michigan Department of Treasury Form 5107 (12-13) – State Tax Commission Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption must be completed each year and submitted to the supervisor or assessing officer any time after December 31 and before, or until the conclusion of the December Board of Review.

By: Lori Shepard

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