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Why Community Involvement Can Be Profitable for Your Small Business

Posted by Mindy Pennock on Mon, Aug 29, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

Citizens_of_the_Year.jpgThe geography of your community may be anything from a rural village to several city blocks, or even something more global.  The thing they all have in common is a support network for everyone calling that area home.  It is no secret that businesses are looked to as a major part of that support network, and for good reason.  We benefit financially, if we do things right, and should be in a position to give some back.

To a business, the most obvious reward in community involvement would appear to be that bridge between our company and profitable clients, both current and potential.  Whether it means joining your local chamber of commerce or being a hospital board member, the opportunity is there to hear what the business community is experiencing and position ourselves to be a vital part of successful growth.

Technology and advertising have an undisputed place, but face-to-face communication is still the most direct way to grow name recognition, trust and respect.  By building that level of relationship, we acquire customer referrals and find the most suitable vendors, consultants and distributors to help us grow over the long-term.

Aside from the actual bottom-line growth potential, there is endless possibility for personal growth and satisfaction in giving back.  Unfortunately, it is not hard to find a local family in need or a food bank struggling to stock its shelves.  Running a food drive is so simple, yet benefits so many.  Many schools are struggling to provide the tools for quality education.  Being ready with a donation is always appreciated, the sharing of our time and skills can be challenging, but also very rewarding.

I have seen our team members expand their knowledge through the simple experience of community events. Their opportunity to build leadership skills and self-confidence through these experiences is priceless.  When they can involve their families, the satisfaction multiplies, fostering that work-life balance we are all trying achieve.  For BHT&D, the American Cancer Society has been close to our hearts for many years, but there is a world of needs that can spur that passion to be of service.

From my first day at BHT&D, I was encouraged to participate, to network, to become involved.  I have met people I want to emulate, those I want to work beside for years to come and, hopefully, those I have helped in some small way.  The most rewarding part about being involved in my community is the experience of being a part of the whole, functioning as part of a team making a positive impact on the area we call home.

In our community, BHT&D is a neighbor – family members in a true sense.  Whether it is supporting a local cause, being active in area governance or joining the chamber of commerce, encouraging your company members to become involved in their community can be very profitable indeed.

By: Mindy Pennock

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Photo:  Connie & Virgil Biggs (Founding Member of BHT&D CPAs), Citizens of the year 2012

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