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Are My Travel Expenses Tax Deductible If Family Members Are With Me?

Posted by Steven Thompson on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 10:15 AM

deductible travel expensesOften, we hear the question, "Can I deduct travel expenses if family members accompany me on a business trip?" This article gives some general guidelines to help you answer that question.

If the primary purpose of the trip is for business, yes, you can still deduct your expenses. You can deduct your transportation costs, single-rate hotel room, your meals and any other business—related expenses. If traveling by car, you can deduct all costs, even though your entire family may be in the car instead of you alone.

Whether a trip is primarily business or personal depends on the facts and circumstances. The amount of time spent on personal activities compared to business activities is the key factor in determining whether the trip is primarily personal or business. A 5 day business conference with a personal day tacked onto the end would be a business trip, while spending only one day out of a week’s trip on business activities would likely be considered primarily a personal trip.

If considered a personal trip, only business-related expenses at the destination are deductible. Transportation costs and lodging would not be deductible if the primary purpose of the trip is personal.

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