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Comprehensive Financial Planning for Individuals

Services cover all areas of financial management, from investment and retirement planning to risk management and estate conservation.

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Virgil A. Biggs, Owner - [email protected]

Thomas D. Dickinson, Owner - [email protected]

Ginger D. Roberts. Owner - [email protected]

Melinda Talbot - [email protected]

Heidi May - [email protected]


BHT&D-Gusco Money Management, LLC

BHT&D-Gusco Money Management, LLC is a fiscal intermediary offering financial management services to individuals for independent living.


Steven R. Thompson, Managing Member - [email protected]

Sandy K. Willison, Coordinator - [email protected]

Kim Kooistra -  [email protected]

Travis McKee -  [email protected]

Connie Minster -  [email protected]